Sunday, August 20, 2006

Teresa and Sean's instant menagerie!

Well, only for the weekend. My in-laws are away, as are our neighbours, so we're holding down the fort, so to speak. Hence my avatar standing outside with the dog.

In our care are 8 chickens, 5 cats (our 2, + neighbours' 3) 3 llamas and 1 dog. They're all fairly low maintenance, though and all lovely animals, so I'm quite enjoying looking after them :-)

We did take a quick trip into Vancouver yesterday, so Sean could get parts for the motorcycle - it was a glorious day and traffic was good, so we were able to get where we wanted and return on the 6:20 ferry with no hassles. I'd been to a book sale first thing in the morning and found three great books - watch my LibraryThing widget for details. LT is down right now, so I can't add the books yet.

We stopped at Whole Foods on the way back to the ferry and I discovered there's natural make-up sold there. Yay!! I've been trying to reduce the number of chemicals in my system, so have been looking for more natural cosmetics. There are places on line like, but I'd rather be able to see the colours and test them on my skin before buying.

And sitting in the ferry line-up allowed me to make great progress on the book I'm reading, so much so, that by last night I finished it :-) So I now have a couple of days to think about what I read before doing the interview.

That's about it for me for today. Happy Sunday, everyone. We're sticking close to the ranch today - lots of little chores to do.


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