Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Report on yesterday's work...

But first, thanks for the reassurance that I'm not crazy re the contemp story. It hasn't happened since I was a teenager and tried to write a First Love from Silhouette book (I still have the opening chapters of the ms).

As for yesterday, I reworked my long synopsis and brainstormed a different ending to my book. Yep, you heard that right. Something about it has always niggled at me, so I noodled around with some alternatives, playing the "What if..." game. Will bounce the ideas off Sean on the weekend. Do you ever change things like this so late in the process? The alternate ending I settled on (I think) isn't too different from the one that's in place now, but somehow I think it fits better. We'll see.

In other news
Did I mention last week that I'd finally joined a gym here? Well I did. And this morning I'm going for my free training session. Sean and I hope to go at least once every weekend and a couple of times during the week. It will be good to belong to a gym again - we've managed to get a fair amount of exercise during this glorious BC summer, but know that come autumn, we'll need somewhere indoors to work out. So we're giving this place a try.

And speaking of exercise, I'd best go. Chloe is crying for me to play with her dangle toy and as she's slightly large for her size, I should get her moving. The toy has to stay hidden away as they both love to chew and swallow stuff they shouldn't. Kitty cries getting really loud now. Gotta go!


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