Friday, July 07, 2006

A slightly chilly Friday morning...

I'm huddled in front of my computer, with a bit of a breeze coming in the door here. But I love the fresh air, even if it's cool.

Yesterday I got some good work done on my ms - mostly organizing, but I think that's been part of my problem. Even with WWP, I have stuff kinda scattered, so I gathered everything together and read through it all. It's helping me to focus. I also spent some time taking notes from Linda Seger's Creating Unforgettable Characters. There's some good stuff in there - I recommend it highly!! Today I'm going to go through some of the chapters from the Robyn Carr book.

I had a couple of plot breakthroughs yesterday as well and made sure I wrote them down *g* and started working on the Story Evolution Worksheet. It's hard work, but a really good exercise.

Now, however, I must get ready to go do grocery shopping. Though I believe a stop for a coffee will be in order, so I'm taking my notebook/worksheets along with me as well as the Carr book. The girlies are in sleep mode right now, so won't even notice I'm gone.

And it's Cleo's birthday today. Happy Birthday, Cleo :-)


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