Monday, January 09, 2006

And in writing news...

I'm starting FDin30D today. Reread a couple of chapters this weekend and am eager to get started. Day 1 is Character Sketches. I LOVE doing this kind of work. In fact, I already have a fair amount of the work done, but not in a really organized manner, so following the worksheet should help with that.

This is so cool!!

In other news

My mum, Sean and I went to see Narnia yesterday and all really enjoyed it. Wow!!! I'd read the book several times as a child, but didn't remember a lot so have no idea how much they messed with the story. Still, I thought the film captured it pretty well - the cinematography was great and the young actors accomplished, the younger two avoiding being merely cute. As for Tilda Swinton - she was amazing as the White Witch.

I imagine parents with wardrobes in their houses will find the clothes rather rumpled for the next little while as legions of children search for Narnia *g*.


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