Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Icy morning blog

Ok, so I'm not filling out the forms - that will have to come later. But I HAVE been brainstorming characters. I just take a notebook and pen, then sit down and write whatever comes into my head, asking questions, answering them, musing, then taking down what my characters reveal. It's a method that seems to work well, so I'm using it! I'll transcribe what I've done later in the week.

Today I'm going to move onto the Setting Sketches and Research List. I'm not totally done with the characters, but part of what I like about FDin30D is that it's a layering method. I can go back later and fill in more on my characters, but I want to keep going with the next stage.

I also had business related work to do yesterday, including entering the Corporate Amex bill into Simply Accounting. As usual, I ended up tearing my hair out, till Sean found a mistake in my arithmetic *sigh*. And, I talked to the vet - she told me that the swelling in Cleo's belly really isn't unusual and as long as she's still eating etc with no signs of distress, she's ok. Even so, I almost went grey last night with the way the little mite charged around the house, jumping, climbing and squirming under things. Sheesh!


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