Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Midweek blog...

I slept really, really well last night! And Cleo is doing much better now. She's sleeping a lot (probably to make up for the almost sleepless night), but is playful when she is up and eating really well. For the most part she's leaving her incision alone. Her checkup at the vet went well and they gave us some cream to put around the incision - it's really bitter, so if she tries to lick in that area, she'll quickly stop. After the vet appointment, we stopped by our old office so Sean could pick up a couple of things. Needless to say, Cleo came in with us and charmed Pina, Nancy and Cathy.

Despite my best intentions, I didn't get any writing work done yesterday. I napped in the afternoon for a bit, then had to help Sean with some businesss stuff. By the time we'd finished with that, I was in no mood to plot. So I read the most recent RWR instead, then later in the evening spent some time reading the research info I'd gathered on women and the French Revolution. One of my secondary characters is a young Englishwoman, so I'm also looking into women from England who visited France during the Revolution. I already know of a couple, and would LOVE to get my hand on Grace Dalrymple's journal, but it's not easily available. It's quite biassed, but would still be fascinating reading.

Well, I have business work to do this morning - invoices and such, so I'd best move over to my other office (the business computer is in another corner of the basement) and get moving. After I go for more coffee *g*.


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