Friday, January 06, 2006

It's STILL snowing!

Enough already with the snow!!! Sheesh. At least I haven't had to shovel it this time, but still.

Ok - enough whining.

Instead of plotting yesterday, I listened to a session from Reno - Meet Your Characters First...They're Your Story, presented by Anna DeStefano and Trish Milburn. It was really good - and fitted in well with a lot of FDin30D concepts. What I think a lot of people will like about this workshop is that Anna and Trish give tips for pantsers as well, even though they're both plotters. Anna has a cool chart which she makes available at her website as a .pdf file (so you'll need the Adoble Acrobat Reader to open it).

Tea with my cps went really well, except we had more of a general chat, which is hardly a surprise considering we hadn't seen each other in quite a while. But we did discuss our writing for the upcoming year and planned out meetings for the future :-)

Last night I admit to being lazy and NOT starting my reread of FDin30D - instead I played with my blog template a bit, watched the Canadian Juniors win their second straight World Junior Hockey Championship and then ER. The ep of the latter was great :-)

I'm thinking today I'll listen to another Reno session, do some company work and then get ready for our dinner party tonight.


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