Saturday, January 07, 2006

We're taking Cleo to the vet...

she has some fluid building up beside the incision. Other than that, she's behaving normally, but needless to say, we're kinda concerned. So off we go, into the -20º C weather. Poor baby.

Please keep your fingers crossed that she's ok.


She's ok. Only she's been too active, so we've been told to keep her as quiet as possible so she can heal properly. So we've put her up in our bedroom, away from Chloe. I feel so bad for Chlo - she LOVES her baby sister and just wants to play with her and can't understand why they have to be kept apart.

Anyway, I feel better - let's just hope that this does the trick and the fluid gets reabsorbed as she heals.

Now, off to do Saturday chores.


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