Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Day 1 of FDin30D

Well, it didn't go quite as quickly as I expected. I think maybe it was because I *cough* got caught up finding *cough* images of my characters on the internet. You see, in the Character section of WriteWayPro, you have the option of including a photo with the rest of the character info. So I found myself searching through various late 18th century portraits for likenesses of those I'm writing about. Part of me feels really guilty for wasting time like that, but OTOH, I'd have to find them eventually, so I figure this is the right stage - NOT when I should actually be writing the ms. To make up for things, I did some extra handwritten work last night - I'll have to type the info in today.

I also read an interesting chapter in Ladies of the Grand Tour: British Women in Pursuit of Enlightenment and Adventure in Eighteenth-Century Europe, about English women in Paris during the Revolution. This helped with one of my secondary characters.

So, I'll be continuing my character work today. Unfortunately, I still haven't found a portrait for my hero yet :-(

Update on Cleo
The little minx continues to be a bit of a problem. She won't just stay still and allow herself to heal!!! We may have to take her in to get some of the fluid drained off her tummy. Silly kitten.


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