Thursday, January 12, 2006

So I talked to the vet...

and she said not to worry about the lump right now. She'll check it on  Monday and thinks it's probably a reaction to the needle they gave Cleo just before surgery. It can't be a vaccine site reaction because she always gives vaccines in the hind legs, so if problems develop (vaccine related fibrosarcomas), the leg can be amputated to save the cat's life. So I feel much better now.

However, I ended up not doing any writing work yesterday. Instead I went for a long walk, bought a Jann Arden CD and the soundtrack to the new P&P + stuff for our dinner. I was just soooo tired - the last 1.5 weeks of not much sleep are really catching up with me (along with my PMS - grrrr). But I know my story percolator is still working :-)

Today I'll do a little FDin30D work, then have to do some cleaning up here in my office. And sorting out of books that I'm going to donate. It's going to be hard to part with some of them, but realistically I know there's no way I'll read them again (my TBR pile is large enough) and dragging them across the country seems pointless.

Happy Friday!!


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