Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I didn't post yesterday because....

we were doing last minute stuff round the house before the real estate agent came over with her professional photographer. They're going to do a 360ยบ tour of the house for the website, so we needed to make certain the house looked its best. With Sean at work, and having worked pretty much all weekend on painting/minor repair, I was in charge yesterday of doing a lot of the little things. It was a gorgeous day, so the photos should have worked out well - we get lots of light in the house on sunny winter days.

My thoughts on the election
Well, it's not as bad as I feared (a Conservative majority), so I'm not feeling too bad this morning. But I have to admit, I'll have a good laugh during the first Tory scandal. And we know it will happen. A lot of the smug winners last night will have to eat their words eventually. And I was thrilled to see the Green Party (my personal choice) picked up 4.4% of the popular vote, enough to ensure continued funding.

On the writing front
I didn't get much done yesterday, though we had the house ready by 1:30, so I went for a walk, ending up in Starbucks where I did some brainstorming on the back of an old shopping list I found in my jacket pocket *g*. Sean laughs at me for my packrat habit, but it sure comes in handy as a writer :-) This morning I'm going to transcribe the brainstorming results + some other stuff I thought of on my walk back to the house.

Glad everyone liked the portrait of "Madeleine" - will post "Henri" when I find him :-)


Currently Reading: Symptoms of Withdrawal by Christopher Kennedy Lawford (for our bookclub)
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