Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bleary-eyed Monday post...

I didn't sleep well last night. Cleo and Chloe decided to charge back and forth across the top floor of the house between 3 and 4am!!! I was not amused. And I won't have much time to spend on writing today because we have to get the house ready for the real-estate agents coming to see it tomorrow. At least cleaning will help me stay awake. Maybe I'll put some U2 on and dance while I clean :-)

We also have to take Cleo to the vet to have her sutures out. Hopefully that will go well and we can relax a little more where she's concerned.

Even though I won't be actively writing, I know I'll be working on stuff in my head. By doing the plotting worksheet the other day, there's lots my subconscious can work with - I'm counting on it doing that work for me!

And now I must move to the business computer on the other side of the basement and doing some accounting entries. At least it saves me going out into the very cold air - with the windchill, it's -32ยบ C this morning.


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