Thursday, January 05, 2006

A slow start...

Hmmm, I really have to work a little harder. It's just so easy not to *g*. And I'm still concerned about Cleo - it's nothing major, but something I'm keeping my eye on. She's eating really well and is playful when she's awake, but still sleeps a lot. But I just keep reminding myself of how I felt after my surgeries and calm down. It's only just been three days.

I did do some more research reading yesterday afternoon, so it's not like the day was a complete waste. Two of my cps are coming over for tea this afternoon, so I may get a little brainstorming done with them :-) I haven't seen one of them in a while - the other is in the same local writer's group as I am, so we see each other more often, which is nice.

We're having guests for dinner tomorrow, which means cleaning, cooking etc, so realistically, it seems I'll be starting really solid work on the ms next week. Assuming Cleo stays healthy and continues her recovery incident free. Right now she's snuggled up to her big sister on my desk - they look sooooooooo cute!!

I figure a good way to inspire myself will be to reread FDin30D - so I'm going to do that :-)



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