Monday, February 20, 2006

A busy weekend...

Well, ok, some of it was spent recovering from our dinner on Friday night. NOT that I had tons to drink, but there's no doubting I'm 40. Give me more than a glass of wine, and my head is really heavy the next morning. Still, we had fun, despite the rather, shall we say, invigorating trot through the -20º C weather.

We ran a bunch of errands during the day on Saturday, including visiting a children's bookstore opened recently by a friend or ours from university. Later we went out again and found a copy of Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit on DVD. We knew it was out and wanted to grab it while we could - not only do WE love it (watched it again Saturday evening), but we figure it's a good one to have on hand when children visit us.

Yesterday was cleaning day, followed by grocery shopping - though Sean did the majority of the cleaning! Did manage to take some time in the afternoon to do more work on the soundtrack for my current ms. I also made a start on one of the two books I have to review for the HNS this quarter - it's really good and kept me reading quite avidly, though I did have a couple of minor quibbles. Still, it won't be hard to finish! Then I got my fix of Grey's Anatomy for the week - as always, a very cool ep, though somehow I missed the bit where they diagnosed what was causing the female patient's episodes. If someone else knows, could you please enlighten me as to how they figured it out and what it was?

On tap for this week is more work on my ms combined with more move-related tasks. Will be juggling the two. And I have a critique meeting this Friday, which means I have to get my butt in gear and start reading my cps' submissions :-)

Cute cat trick of the week: Cleo figured out how to get the furnace grate out of the floor in the living room. After I went to bed last night I heard a strange noise and went to investigate. She was looking curiously down the hole she'd uncovered. Glad I found her in time!!! Silly kitty. OTOH, she and Chloe seem to LOVE their cage. We've left it out for them and they spend a lot of time playing in it. Hmmm, wonder who they'll feel when it's in the extended cab of a truck!!

Ok - on with my work.


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