Thursday, February 09, 2006

The great truck trek...

We spent yesterday afternoon truck shopping. Yep, you read that right - truck shopping. We need a big pick-up with an extended cab AND a longbox - apparently something that's not easy to find. NewsGuy had done lots of online shopping, so we set out. Only to discover that the second town we were heading for was just a little bit further than we imagined. But as it was a lovely day, we kept going and enjoyed the scenery. Unfortunately the trucks there weren't quite what NG wanted, so it was back in the car (it was after 2 by this point) and back on the road. We headed for a pub we'd eaten at while out on the motorcycle a couple of years ago (our tummies were rumbling), only to discover it's closed on Wednesdays during the winter *sigh*.

So it was back to Perth and the Timmy's there. Reliable Timmy's, where we know we can get half-decent sandwiches and a mostly clean bathroom! Ok, and a couple of doughnuts From there we set off for Smiths Falls and another truck. Along the way, my sweetie-pie says, "Hey, we can go to Hershey! Do you want to go to Hershey?" Is the Pope Catholic?

So after inspecting yet another truck (we couldn't test drive it cause it still needed some work) we made our way through SF to Hershey. Now those of you who've never had the pleasure of visiting a Hershey plant will be interested to learn that even before you get out of the car, you know where you are. The smell of chocolate surrounds the factory. And when you actually leave the car and approach the doors, the rich smell invades every pore - breathing outside Hershey is pure heaven (can you tell I'm a tad premenstrual?). Anyway, we get inside and trundle about for a bit, seeing what's new then pick up some Extra Dark Chocolate, some Extra Dark Swoops with Almonds, Twizzlers and other assorted treats. Yummm. Definitely something I'll miss once we're in BC - easy access to the Hershey Factory *g*. OTOH, it was 10ºC and sunny on the coast of BC yesterday...

As a result, I got no writing done, though I did talk writing with a friend of mine when I dropped by her place for coffee before NG got home from work. And Tuesday I spent time working on my ms soundtrack - which is more useful than it sounds as it means I have to think about songs and the plotting points they represent :-)

I too forgot some stuff in my Fours yesterday - can't believe I didn't clue to Pirates of the Caribbean as one of the movies I can (and have) watched over and over. Ditto Casablanca!!! And High Society! And, like Kelly, I forgot about Grey's Anatomy and Missing - LOVE those shows too.

Anyway, I should get on with my day now. Lots to do!


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