Friday, February 03, 2006

House inspection day...

Yep, we're heading out again with the kitties later today so the building inspector can do his thing. I've been keeping the house clean all week, so other than a quick check of the bathrooms and getting the cats into their new, more spacious cage, there's not much to do. So everyone cross their fingers that all goes well, so we can clear that condition as well and finalize the deal.

I got some more planning done on my book yesterday. Though I admit to having wasted time playing around with various plotting/outlining programmes. None of them quite worked and something major went wrong with one of them, so I finally just adapted a form from reliable WriteWayPro and went with that.

Then Sean and I took advantage of the glorious weather here yesterday to go for a walk and look at pick-up trucks. We saw a couple we're interested in - will have to see what comes of it. The move is coming up fast, so we have to make some decisions about transportation out there etc. Think we've finally settled on that.

Am hoping to get more writing done this morning - moving on to free-form brainstorming the middle section of the ms. Not sure how much I'll come up with, but figure it's better to try than not *g*. And tonight we have our bookclub discussion of Chris Lawford's book - should be interesting. I've enjoyed most of it, but have some minor quibbles.

So that's it for me for today :-) Hope everyone has a happy Friday!


Almost Finished Reading: Symptoms of Withdrawal by CKL
Next Up on my TBR: The Bride Ship by Deborah Hale
Link of the Day: Miss Make a Movie - blog for the documentary Who's Afraid of Happy Endings?

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