Tuesday, February 14, 2006

We sold the house!!!

Yep, that's right. Two weeks to the day from when it went on the market, our wonderful agent Tara dropped off the signed conditions paperwork. Only thing is, we're now leaving at the end of April, instead of mid-May as we met their closing date of Apr 28.

The reason I stopped blogging about the house last week was because the first offer fell through after the prospective buyer failed to meet the conditions. Last Sunday our house went back on the market and we had three more showings. By that evening, we had another conditional offer and signed off on it. Everything went as planned, including the second house inspection this past Saturday - it was a three hour one, so the kitties had some good practise time in the car :-) Yesterday afternoon, Tara flipped the sign to SOLD!!!

This morning I have to call the movers to get an estimate done!

Will try to get some writing done this afternoon.


Currently Reading: The Bride Ship by Deb Hale
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