Friday, February 17, 2006

Responding to Comments

Melissa wrote: What a cute pic! We had to banish our kitty out to the garage last night because my cold must have been making me very vulnerable to my allergies - I was sneezing up a storm around her.

Glad you got the truck! And my husband makes those Tim the Tool Man noises all the time. It's a guy thing that I doubt I'll ever understand.

Oh, poor kitty. But understandable, considering your cold! Glad my dh isn't the only one to make those ToolMan noises!!

Larissa wrote: cute! I just love pictures like that!
Yeah - often they look adorable like that UNTIL they hear the shutter open, then they move *g*.

Gabrielle wrote: Oh, they're so sweet!
I know! It's so great they've become such fast friends. Will make travelling with them in a cage for 10 days much easier!!

Kelly wrote: I agree Tess. I thought it impossible for her to outdo The Carpetbagger which was my personal fave, but I think she may just have done it. And she mentions Sir Robert has two brothers. I hope that means we get their storie too! I'm about 3 chapters from the end and I can't wait to get home at the end of the day and read it.
So - did you finish it? What did you think of the end? I too would love to read about Robert's brothers.

Gina wrote: They are adorable! My kitties are too big or too old to jump up on anything but the bed or sofa these days and it's a good thing. I still get hair in the keyboard, though, because I always use my laptop in bed.

Is that a picture of Good Queen Bess in the background?

LOL re the hair. Yeah, we get it everywhere too. In fact, we still find fur from our OTHER cats, though they've been gone quite a while now!

Yep, it's Bess - a little tray with her pic on it. Have on of her daddy as well. Sean's late grandmother gave me them when she moved to a nursing home about 11 years ago. She knew I'd appreciate them.

Teresa :-)

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