Thursday, February 16, 2006

Everyone say awwww....

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Yep, those are my girls. Aren't they sweet? I love when they cuddle together like that. I took this pic yesterday morning.

Anyway, in writing news, I wrote a personal piece yesterday. Thought I might read it out at my local writers group meeting last night, but decided when I got there that I still wasn't quite ready to share. The meeting itself went well - we had several readings and one of my cps dropped by with her new baby and her older daughter. It was great to see them and hold the wee one.

So, Sean picked up his truck yesterday. And man, was he excited!!! Kept making that Tim Taylor noise *vbg*. Boys and their toys. Still, I'm happy with the truck too. First, it's RED! Yep, I'm a sucker for red vehicles. Plus, it's pretty darned comfy inside. Now we just have to convince the cats of that *vbg*.

I read more of The Bride Ship when I got home from my meeting. The romance is building slowly, but so beautifully. Deb really captures that breathless feeling we've all experienced. With just a few words, she conveys all the excitement, nerves and aching vulnerability of those losing themselves in each other. I think this is her best book yet!!!


Currently Reading: The Bride Ship by Deb Hale
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