Friday, February 10, 2006

Word Cloud and more...

Tess pointed the way to this cool feature - a Word Cloud based on the words in your blog. I immediately had to play around with it. Here's mine:

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Yesterday I did some more work on my plot and more brainstorming. It also meant further clarification on my characters' goals. I came up with a couple of things I hadn't realized before - or I guess that should be, my characters revealed things they now want me to know. And then I admit to having taken a wee nap, after not sleeping well on Wednesday night, but my slumber was interrupted by the doorbell. It was the delivery of the blue prints for the house we want to build!!! Needless to say, I couldn't wait to get those puppies out of the box and start poring over them. NewsGuy got home soon afterwards and joined me, so we spent a lot of time looking and planning. We're adding a mud room a) because there will be lots of mud out there in the rainforest and b) to help contain the cats somewhat - I don't want them escaping into said rainforest, and two sets of doors will be way better than one at preventing that.

I watched ER last night and found it was a pretty good ep. LOVE that Luka and Abby are finally back together and happy. The one thing that did confuse me is why everyone assumed that Clemente was the one who shot Jodie? I mean, it was obvious he really cares for her - so why wouldn't anyone believe her crazy ex did it? And what's with Callie Thorne being typecast as a sex-crazed looney? I mean, Jodie isn't much different from her character Sheila on Rescue Me. Not that she doesn't do it well, but I liked her better on the last couple of seasons of Homicide: Life on the Street (a show I still miss).

Anyway, today I have to get some more stuff into the computer - I've been doing a lot of handwritten work, but if I don't start inputting it soon, I'll be overwhelmed and I like having everything recorded electronically.

RE: Comments on the great truck trek - glad y'all enjoyed the story :-) And yes, Hershey is great and sorry for making everyone crave chocolate! Sean has found a couple of likely trucks - I saw them yesterday and sat in them, so he's going back by himself to look them over again.

And yes, you'll all note I'm still reading The Bride Ship - savouring it, in fact. It's wonderful so far - makes me want to visit Halifax again! I don't take a lot of time to read these days, and with this particular book I'd rather take my time than gobble it up too quickly. *g*.

That's all for today, folks :-) Happy Friday!


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