Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Thanks for all the good wishes...

re my wrists. They're much appreciated. I'm still in a great deal of pain, so must keep things short once again.

We sold the house conditionally!!!! Yep, assuming all goes well with the building inspection on Friday, we'll finalize the deal. Both exciting and a tad nerve-wracking as there's now no turning back. Come the end of April, we'll no longer have a house here, so we'll have to move *g*. We still can't believe things moved so quickly.

The kitties were a little easier to get into the cage yesterday, though Chloe did hide under the couch in the basement. We stopped at the pet store and got them a bigger cage - with mesh windows and a way bigger door. We'll be taking them out in it regularly, to get them accustomed to the car before the move in May.

And speaking of cats, please send good vibes to my sister's cat, Bob. He's diabetic and she had to rush him to the vet yesterday when she found him under their spare bed, paralysed and blind - yowling his poor kitty heart out. She'd given him his insulin in the morning, as usual, so they've no idea what happened. He's now at the vet's on a glucose drip. Poor baby is only 12, so they really don't want to have to make the decision if they don't have to. The vet said his sight might come back. Hope so.

Anyway, I'd best rest my wrists some more or they'll never get any better.



He's going home this afternoon. It seems he suddenly no longer needs insulin - which is why, when my sis gave him it yesterday morning, he almost died. Sheesh. I gather it does happen - Sean's grandmother was diabetic for a while, then suddenly stopped being diabetic. Anyway, he's doing better - can at least partially see (follows movement etc) and is almost normal again (well, as normal as dear old Bob has ever been *g*). So now they just have to keep an eye on him.

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