Sunday, February 05, 2006

I found Henri!!!

Here he is.

I stumbled on this section of the Met's site and started scrolling through the paintings and found this one. Coincidentally enough, both the artist, Antoine-Jean Gros, and the subject of the portrait himself, François-Pascal-Simon Gérard, trained with David, about whom I wrote my MA thesis. Yet more serendipity :-)

He's about five years younger than Henri, but as soon as I saw him, I knew he was right - doesn't he go well with Madeleine?

I've printed him out as well, so now I just have to find a frame for them.

House News
Looks like things will take a little longer to wrap up than anticipated. Tuesday looks like the day now.

However, we DID find the perfect house for us to build out west. Yeah, I know I've said this before but THIS time, I mean it *g*. It's called Swede Hill and was designed by an arcitect in the Pacific NW. It will fit in perfectly on the land that we have. Just seeing it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside - I KNEW it was right!!

Re: writing the other day
Well, I didn't get any done *deep sigh*. Forgot I hadn't done a full virus scan for a while, so the hour I would have spent at the computer writing was taken up a) by AVG scanning and b) doing a last minute clean of the kitchen before the building inspection.

The kitties did pretty well, though when we first put Chloe in the cage she started this heartwrending meowing. It was awful - she was like a caged panther. Still, once in the car, she settled down - especially after we put a blanket over three of the cage windows.

When we got home, I had to finish the Chris Lawford book before our bookclub meeting.

Anyway, I need to go bake Sean breakfast food for this week. He's only go a few more on this shift and I like to make sure he has healthy options to start the day.

See y'all tomorrow :-)


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