Friday, June 30, 2006

Claire Delacroix and the rules of writing

"You can break any so-called rule -- the trick is that the more you step beyond convention, the better your book has to be. Ironically, you can defy any so-called standard if you provide a greater emotional whallop to the reader, which is the ultimate reader expectation of a romance. Wring out your reader's heart, stomp that sucker flat, then make everything sunshine and roses by the end. She'll let you get away with anything, just for that emotional roller coaster ride." (1)

On Wednesday, Claire blogged about the rules. Above is one of her concluding paragraphs - a passage I intend to post near my computer. And I'll read it whenever I get down or have someone tell me I'm not doing things "the right way".

Claire is a font of great advice - scroll back in her blog for insight into both the craft and business of writing. You'll learn lots!

And speaking of writing, I spent some time yesterday typing some of my Wednesday musings into WWP. And discovered I'll have to go back and redo some of my FDin30D work - the Summary sheets etc, as I've changed the opening of the book drastically. A pain, but ultimately I'm pretty certain the revisions have made the story stronger.

Next week I really will dive back in fully, using the FD method. Have been floundering about this week and realized it's cause I'm not focussing. And that's what the FD method does for writers like me - forces me to FOCUS.

Yesterday's hike was fantastic. Hard work going up, but worth it for the views halfway:

and at the top:

Ok - now I really must go. Have more errands to run this morning, so need to get myself in gear :-)

Happy long weekend, everyone!!!


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1) There are no rules. Blog post by Claire Delacroix, posted on Wednesday June 28, 2006 at Publishing is Funny, If You Think About It, hosted by RWAonline)

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