Friday, June 16, 2006


Do you multitask? I do. Am really bad for it, in fact. Right now I'm writing another review (ssshhhh - don't tell Sarah *g*), blogging and surfing the net. Oh, and every few minutes I hop over to The Bat! and check for new email. Plus I'm also doing laundry up at the big house *vbg*.

Somehow, though, I usually manage to get everything done that I need to. Most of the time. Like yesterday - I wrote one review (more on that later), cleaned up a bit here, did company related stuff, went shopping, made it to the Post Office in the nick of time to send a parcel, cooked dinner etc. That was after I bloghopped, blogged, checked/wrote email and attended to the cats.

Right, the review. I had a rough time with it - mostly cause of the word limit. And that's what I LOVE about reviewing books. Ok, so not when I'm actually struggling, but the challenge of condensing a novel into about 150 words, then using another 150 (or so) to analyse it is a great exercise for a writer. Especially one prone to going on a bit *g*. With some books, it happens with little effort, but, as in the case yesterday, some books are so complicated and have affected me both negatively and positively that I find it difficult at first to get everything I want into those 300 words.

So, I've learned to just forget about the wordcount and just write the summary followed by what I think about the book. Then I go back and cut extraneous words and phrases - this usually gets me close to the word count. After that I have to find different and more concise ways to encapusulate the plot and my assessment.

Hopefully I'll I have time this afternoon to do some more work on my ms. I'd hoped to get a rough synopsis done this week, but I don't see that happening now. Where does the time go?

This weekend, Sean's cousin and her husband arrive. They'll be spending time up here before we all head down for the wedding next week. Have to admit, I'm looking forward to the big event - especially the family time. And seeing our niece all dressed in her finery as flower girl :-)

Ok, back to my review. Really. I mean it.


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