Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ok, let's see what happens...

As those of you who use Blogger know, there has been some trouble with their server/software/whatever over the last couple of days. I'm hoping to get this post up!

First, Kelly mentioned not having heard of yWriter. It's a cool little piece of software that you can use to plan and/or write your manuscript. I'm still pretty devoted to WriteWayPro for my actual writing, but have discovered yWriter is fantastic as a planning tool. And you can export what you input so it can then be transferred to any other number of writing programmes.

With it you can plan scenes in detail (yes, you can do this with WWP too, but it's a little less flexible there), down to the Story Day, acutal day, time (hour, minute, second) etc. And you tell it from whose POV the scene is and it keeps track of that.

That said, it did kick out a bunch of stuff I'd typed in the other day - poof it was gone, when I opened a new project. Hmmm. That way annoying, but fortunately it was pretty much all stuff I had either in WWP or in my notebook, so it's just a matter of entering it again.

So, if you love noodling with software like me, you might want to give it a try :-)

In other news
I didn't post yesterday cause I was busy with other stuff in the morning, then went for a long walk in the afternoon. Well, two walks, broken up by a stop for a fruit smoothie and ginger cookie while I made some notes for my ms. It's an hour from where we are down to the little cafe that supplied me with my snack. The weather was perfect - about 22º and sunny. So I slathered on the sunscreen, plopped my floppy hat on my head and set off. While walking back I brainstormed another character for my ms, a confidante for my heroine. I'm going to input all that once I'm done blogging.

It's rainy here today - I just got back from grocery shopping as it started to come down seriously. Which is fine, with all the writing work I want to accomplish this afternoon.


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