Monday, June 05, 2006

What a weekend!

It was back into Vancouver for me on Saturday afternoon. Granted, I didn't have to go, but was curious to see the suits Sean and his Dad will wear at my brother-in-law's upcoming wedding. Traffic was crazy, but it was well worth it as our niece tagged along with her dad and his fiancé. She was totally jazzed about the new bike they'd just bought for her :-) And about seeing her grandad and uncle all gussied up.

Yesterday we spent from 9-2:30 at the storage facility, sorting things through and moving stuff into our second locker. Well, Sean did all the moving - including all my boxes of books + our filing cabinets. Poor guy - his arms were covered in scratches and bruises by the end of the day. But we managed to find most of what we were looking for plus make some room in the main storage room and get the weight off some of the furniture.

Things found include:
a) Starbucks coffee maker
b) KitchenAid mixer
c) WhirlyPop popcorn popper

d) my cookbooks, including Eat, Shrink and be Merry by the Podleski sisters.

Here are some pics I've taken over the last few weeks:

Elvira, Moonbeam and Stardust (their mum)

Moonbeam up close

The lake from our living room window

Grace, Gregory and their suriving goslings - these geese visit every spring. We think the two babies survived to move on with them. Guess we'll find out next spring!

Have errands to run, then it's back here to try to get some proper work done on my ms.


Currently Reading: Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married (have had to put it on hold for now)
Also Currently Reading: Review book (reason for above being on hold)
Link of the Day: History Carnival 32

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