Thursday, June 15, 2006

Happy Birthday, Melissa :-)

Yep, Melissa is 31 today!! Many happy returns - enjoy your day!

So, where have a been for the last couple of days? Well, Tuesday afternoon I ended up in Vancouver, searching for shoes. Neither my m-i-l nor I had any luck there. Sheesh, you'd think in a city the size of Vancouver we could find shoes, but nope. Either they weren't right for the outfits, or not our size.

Then yesterday I went back to a store up here I'd been in last week and actually found a pair that I really like. Better yet, they were on sale :-) Now I need a wrap and an evening bag. None of my current ones are quite right and most are in storage anyway.

When I got home, I did some ms work - though I'm still unsure about my opening scene. I have two choices and can't quite figure which one will work better. Very frustrating. Anyone here have tips on how they decide between two ideas for a story opening? One day I like one, the next I prefer the other.

And then there was the hockey game last night. A whole crowd of us watched as Edmonton pulled it out of the fire, with a short-handed goal no less, to stay alive in this season's Stanley Cup Final. Saturday's game will be big! Though I'm not sure how anything could be more exciting than last night's surprise victory in overtime.

So, that's me up to date for right now. Here's are some cute cat pics - taken this morning:

I turned around in my chair, and there they were - all snuggled together. Chloe gave Cleo and thorough washing before she too went to sleep. They're sooo adorable. At least I think so *g*.


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