Thursday, June 29, 2006

Email programme meltdown...

yep - I tried something yesterday, The Bat! froze and when I reopened, ALL my folders and email appeared to be gone. Now, note my use of the word "appeared". Fortunately, despite the loss of my folder tree (a pain to reconstruct, but that's about it), all my messages were still stored on my hard drive. So I'm working on rebuilding my email today. Bit by bit. Importing messages to each individual folder. Tedious, but waaaaaaaaaay better than realizing everything is GONE! This is why I LOVE The Bat!

Have also reverted to good ol' wbloggar. The Qumana experiment pretty much flopped. It only posts to Blogger, doesn't publish automatically, so I still have to sign in. And it puts in TONS of extraneous code, yet when I entered the html code for the pic of Cleo yesterday as directed, it didn't upload it.

Wbloggar has proven to be remarkably stable and easy to use. Doubt I'll stray again :-)

In other news, I planned more scenes for my ms yesterday while gazing out at the lake. Seem to have made at least SOME progress with it and intend to enter those scenes into WWP today. Have pretty much given up on yWriter - it was just too much like hard work. Has great features, but isn't as logical as I'd like. Or, er, need *g*.

Oh, and re yesterday's question about finding out stuff you wrote is better than you thought, I'm glad I'm not alone. Should clarify, the TT novel is one I completed a few years back and set aside the marketing on for a while to work on my French Rev story. There are a couple of the smaller presses I may try the TT out on. Just a thought.

Am off on a hike with a friend later - it's the perfect day for it. Sunny and about mid-20s C. Should be fun. A great way to start an extended long weekend - it's Canada Day on Saturday, so I'm figuring my weekend starts pretty soon *g*.


Currently Reading: Madame de Staël by Maria Fairweather
Also Currently Reading: Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella (Found it at the library yesterday!!)
Link of the Day: The Writing Life (one of my fave blogs to visit)

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