Saturday, April 09, 2005

Assorted fun stuff...
So after rereading Kate Rothwell's blog yesterday, I noticed her link to Steph Smith's Writing Resources and remembered I hadn't visited there for a while. So off I went and found a link to The Romance Author's Page Research Index. There I discovered another useful online word resource - WordNet. Though it doesn't give dates, it will give synonyms for words. You can also download the software, but at this point, I figure I'll just use the online version. Not sure my computer needs any more software on it!!

I Found this at Diana Peterfund's Blog, Diana's Diversions - and thought it would be fun to try.

1. Name one song you hate to admit you like.
Rock Me Amadeus - Falco. ~ I'm just SUCH an 80s chick at times *g*. And it's such a catchy tune - fun to work out to :-)

2. Name two songs that always make you cry.
Well, no song ALWAYS makes me cry, but one that often brings tears to my eyes is All My Life, by Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville. And yes, it was the song Sean and I used as the first dance at our reception.

Also, Room for a Life by Kate Bush can make me choke up too.

3. Name three songs that turn you on.
Nights in White Satin - Moody Blues ~ No explanations needed here.
I Wanna Kiss You All Over - Exile ~ Did I also mention I'm a child of the 70s? I remember listening to this song while in England in 1978, way before I was able to partake in such activities - even THEN it certainly got my imagination going =:-O
I Think I Love You Too Much - Jeff Healey Band ~ Jeff has the most AMAZING voice, makes me melt every time.

4. Name four songs that always make you feel good.
Love Shack - B-52s ~See above remark re 80s chick *g*.
Eat the Music - Kate Bush ~ A fun tune with cool lyrics.
Forever Dancing - Rawlins Cross ~A love song - one of my faves by this band (which, sadly, is no longer together).
Stray Cat Strut - Stray Cats ~ Yep - another 80s song, one that always makes me want to dance :-)

5. Name five songs you couldn't ever do without.
All Because of You - U2 ~ My current fave U2 tune (it changes fairly frequently, but right now this is the one I hit Repeat on a lot *g*)
Saxophone Song - Kate Bush ~ One of her earlier songs - off her debut album, The Kick Inside. It's got beautiful atmosphere and wonderful lyrics.
Lost Together - Blue Rodeo ~ Quintessentially Canadian, Blue Rodeo is one of my fave bands of all time. They put on an amazing live show and consistently turn out great albums (Sean just bought me the new one the other day!! This song is gorgeous, as is their cover of the Bee Gees' To Love Somebody. Jim Cuddy puts so much emotion into their ballads.
You Make Lovin' Fun - Fleetwood Mac ~ See above remark about being a child of the 70s *g*. But seriously, Rumours has long been acknowledged as one of the best albums ever recorded - it's certainly stood the test of time.
Lost in Your Eyes - Jeff Healey Band ~Yes, more Jeff Healey. Ladies, if you've not heard of him and his band, see if you can find one of his CDs - he's Canadian and I've really no idea how big he made it outside my homeland, but his music is worth tracking down - start here at his website. He's been concentrating on his jazz for the last few years, so the most recent blues/rock release is from a few years ago.

There are so many others, but if FORCED to choose, I'd likely load the above onto my mp3 player and be happy :-)

Blogger Comments Feature
I've posted several comments recently, both in answer to ones on my blog and on other people's blogs, but they seem to have been eaten *sigh*. So if you commented and I didn't seem to reply, well, I did, they just didn't appear.

Larissa - yep, George is a helpful kitty - he helps us eat by showing us where the table is and sitting there beside us to make sure we finish, though sometimes I suspect it's more cause he's hoping food will fall to the floor *g*.

And, just in case blogger comments aren't working properly today - Sheri - you're welcome for the Timeline Maker link. Hope you enjoy the software! Nice to meet another Teutul fan :-)

Weekend Plans
Tonight we're having friends over for a BBQ. And what do you know, the weather is actually cooperating (furiously knocking on wood now). It's sunny and we're supposed to get to about 13ºCelsius (about 55ºF), so now we just have to hope the wind stays calm. The deck faces West, so we have the sun on it late in the day, but if the wind is up, it can still be chilly. Of course, with all the snow now gone (yay!!) I've noticed some gardening chores that need attending to before the guests arrive. So I'd best finish up here and get moving. And, depending on how late things go, I'm not sure when I'll get around to posting tomorrow *vbg*.

Hope everyone else has nice weather too. Happy Writing!


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Teresa said...

These song questions are great. I'll have to really think about them and my answers.