Friday, April 08, 2005

Is it Friday again already?...
Wow, this week just flew by. After witing up my Enotes column yesterday morning, I spent much of the rest of the day looking up words from my ms. One of my sources is receiving lots of coverage this week - so far both Emma Gads and Kate Rothwell (thanks to Emma for pointing the way to Kate's blog on the same topic) have mentioned Etymonline. I'm another fan of this amazing web resource. Used in conjunction with Brohaugh's English Through the Ages, Webster's 9th Collegiate Dictionary and the Oxford Dictionary of Word Histories, it provides a lot of detailed info about a huge variety of words.

Then last night I spent 2.5 hours reading through my dh's copy of A Sea of Words - a companion book to Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series. Sean is a big fan of P OB's books (ripping yarns of sea-faring adventure) and suggested looking through it to get an idea of some of the language from the period. I found a lot neat words and I'm only through the Cs!!

Had a horrible sinus headache this morning, so didn't get much work done. And am now at the office, then off to the gym for a workout. Will likely spend more time this evening looking up words *g*. Now this might sound obsessive, but I tend to be very careful about not using words that are quite obviously not "in period". Just one of my many little writer quirks!

Hopefully I'll be done that early next week so that when I return from SLC, I can go right into analyzing my scenes using the FDin30D method.

Teresa :-)

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Sheri said...

Thanks for the time line information. And these links too. I always love learning about new resources.

I hope your headache gets better soon! Those are no fun.