Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A late post today...
I've been busy here at the office, doing accounting entries, paying bills etc. :-) Just one more thing to do, then I'll be finished my official business for the day! Needless to say, I haven't had time to do much writing related stuff. However, I did manage to set my full ms to printing again so I can divide up the scenes à la FDin30D and start working on that. Maybe this evening, though I'm sure my dh will think I'm nuts. I cut down the line spacing to 1.5 to reduce the number of pages printed (save those trees!). And realized too late I hadn't included page numbers (slap hand to forehead), so just have to hope none of the pages got mixed up in the printing process!!

Ok - last entry made. Now I've got the hang of Simply Accounting, I'm usually pretty quick about things. But it did take me a while to learn it when I took over doing the accounting for our company. I just think of it as a new skillset :-)

Update on Larissa's Cat Geordie
She's feeling better :-) Yay!!!!! Still has some serious stuff to go through, but the vet figured out what was going on.

Not much else new to report. I'm leaving next Thursday am for the Historical Novel Society Conference in Salt Lake City - should be fun. I'll get to see one of my closest friends (who moved across the country a few years ago) and meet some of my online buddies for the first time :-) AND visit the Family History Library. Not to mention going to some great workshops.

That's about it for today :-) Hopefully I'll have more FDin30D news to report tomorrow or Thursday!

Teresa :-)


Kate Allan said...

Hope Salt Lake City is fun, and I really look forward to hearing back about what happened etc.

Sheri said...

I'm an accountant. A corporate revenue accountant. I'll never forget the day my cousin reduced my 'career' (before writing seriously) down to addition and subtraction.*G*

How are the scenes going?

Tess said...

Sheri - they're going ok, though right now I'm focussing on looking up words from my mss in various etymological dictionary. And a good thing too - several expressions I've used are waaaay too modern for my time period!