Monday, April 04, 2005

Monday morning thoughts...
First, everyone please send Larissa and her kitty positive thoughts. They really need them. It's such a tough thing to go through - we love our pets so much and it's always difficult to see them suffer. Pets become such an integral part of the family that dealing with their illness can be almost as heartwrenching as dealing with a person's illness. My late cat Scotty was sick a lot and it never got easier to deal with. So, please, please keep Larissa and her kitty in your thoughts today.

Dialogue Workshop
At my chapter meeting yesterday, Nonnie St. George gave a wonderful talk about dialogue, full of insight and lots of great tips. That's the kind of workshop I can get behind - not just information, but practical ways to apply it.

I also passed around my copy of FDin30D for people to see - it definitely generated some buzz!!! I think I'm going to reprint my ms (once I've reassembled it *g*) so I can divide up the scenes as described in Chapter 8 (Creating and Outline for a Project Already in Development or Re-Outlining a Stalled Project) on pages 122-124. Sheri did it last week and found it very helpful - even put her own distinctive twist on the process!

Not much else to report. I'm in the office at least two days this week as my dh is at his other job. But that's fine. I like being here too.



Sheri said...

FDi30Ds is definately creating a buzz. I'm excited because I can actually see my progress. :)

Still working on those scenes though. Now I've moved on to Days 4-11 in the process. Doing the scene capsules.

Tess said...

Very cool! Hope the scene capsules go well :-) I'm hoping to start cutting/stapling tonight!!