Saturday, April 23, 2005

Why I didn't post yesterday...
Pretty simple, actually. I was in a really bad mood. Have no idea what was up - maybe too many decongestents (my allergies have been really bad this week) or maybe I'm still not quite caught up on all my sleep, but whatever the cause, I really wasn't fit company for man nor beast. Fortunately a walk with my sweetie and pizza for dinner cheered me up in time for last night's critique meeting.

So what did I do instead of blogging? Well, I did go blog hopping as per usual, then spent some time playing with the latest incarnation of my book review site, Thoughts on Books. I prefer the platform at myblogsite for reviews because I can have as many categories as I want, convenient for someone who reviews books in several different genres and subgenres of historical fiction.

Then, I returned to the task of looking up questionable words in my ms. Sometimes get the feeling I'm being obsessive, but then from what I've seen at Lydia and Emma's blogs, they too don't like to use words that are obviously anachronistic. And they're the two who come immediately to mind - have seen others comment on this too. Did you know the expression tongue-tied dates to the early 1500s? I didn't, till yesterday *g*. Funny how words/expressions we think of as modern often have been in common usage longer than we think.

We had a great critique session - did some brainstorming, some venting and shared our personal progress. As always, I left feeling inspired and relieved - the latter, because it's always nice to reaffirm I'm not crazy for having characters talk in my head or take over the story!

So this morning I feel much, much better. Despite the rain and cool temps. It was summer-like earlier in the week, but the garden can really use the rain as it continues to regenerate after the long winter. More on gardening and writing later.


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Alex Bordessa said...

Sorry to hear your allergies aren't behaving. Mine are currently very twitchy too at the moment, and I reckon some of it's the change of seasons. All that darn pollen floating can also generally sensitize the immune system to other stuff, I think.

Glad you've perked up now!