Saturday, April 23, 2005

Thanks to Cece...
for offering advice on my motivation problem. She was right - take it one day at a time. Just keep on working. In my case, what with checking all these words, it appears to be one word at a time *g*.

Congrats, Cece on finishing that novella! And hugs on the GH scores.

If you've never been to visit Cece at her blog, I recommend doing so :-) I just love her take on writing and on the world in general.


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Amie Stuart said...

Awww thanks Tess...I'm glad it helped and thanks for the plug and the hugs!!!! I feel much better after a week off. Can't believe how bored I was (blush). This is such a tough business...we've got to remember to go easy on ourselves--and that means ME! LOL