Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Some random thoughts on blogging...
I'm entering into dangerous territory as far as my blogging goes. Can see myself become more and more drawn into it, to the detriment of my fiction writing!! Warning bells are going off in my head. So, what does this mean?

I'm going to have to start limiting my blogging time. Both bloghopping and my own posts. At times I can write them in my head, then just type them in pretty quickly, but other times I get really caught up in long, complicated posts with lots of links. Not good - well, ok, not really bad, but as far as my fiction writng goes, not good. And I'm going to be busy over the next couple of months. Will be in the office full time starting next week. And some time in early June I'll be taking the motorcycle safety course, which means I'll have to study for my license first.

So, I'm going to do some goal setting.

1) by the end of April, I will have all the questionable words in my ms dated and, if necessary, changed (this morning this now means getting the cat OFF the notebook in which said words are recorded)

2) by the end of the first week of May, I will have all my FDin30D scene capsules done

3) by the end of the second week of May, I will have written all the additional scenes I need

Next week I'll post more goals. Hopefully by declaring them publicly, I'll be even more inclined to stick to them! Will report my progress here.

Now, if I can just figure out how to extract the notebook from under the sleeping cat....



C Schaal said...

I find the same quagmire. I can't just throw my comments or thoughts on the blog because I know it reflects on my "professionalism." I am looking at the "30 day" system to get myself off TDC. As to the cat, as long as you remember they are restricted to a one word vocabulary you can get them to do anything they want. The word? "Me"

Lynn said...

Good luck with those goals! Blogging can be very addictive, and unfortunately, it's also time-consuming. I fell way behind in my blog-hopping because of vacation, and I nearly spent all day yesterday trying to catch up. And I still didn't read everything! Scary. Very scary.

But good for you on forcing accountability by posting your goals on your blog! Does that mean I should keep a ruler handy for sharply rapping your knuckles when you tank on a goal? *grin*

Can't help you with the cat, though. I have dogs.

Silma said...

Oh, I hear you about the whole blogging thing. It's addictive. I've tried to steer away from it for a couple of days, at least in the writing department, and it's driving me nutz!

Amie Stuart said...

I wouldn't be so addicted if there were so many things that needed procrastination *g*

Believe it or not my cat acutally understands NO and listens at least 50% of the time. He's a long, lean lapbaby. I'm great at setting goals and honestly did pretty good so far this year (though I'm no where near done with my WIP). But I'm not gonna beat myself up over it.

Good luck!