Sunday, April 24, 2005

Book Hopping...(following Màili's directions)
It was on the eighteenth day of October of that year 1142 that Ridchard Ludel, hereditary tenant of the manor of Eaton, died of a debilitating weakness, left after wounds received at the battle of Lincoln, in the service of King Stephen. He was sweet to worry for her, Eastra thought. "Why did you not tell me where I am?" he gasped in Danish as she half-hauled him up the path. That Forbes stood at least a foot taller than him and that his arms were enormous didn't escape their prisoner's eyes. And that was a far, far better prize in the end.

Sources: The Hermit of Eyton Forest (Ellis Peters), The Dragon Prince (Mary Gilgannon), Danegeld (Susan Squires), A Time for Dreams (Jen Holling), The Heiress (Claire Delacroix).

Hmm, well, an interesting experiment *g*. Not sure even playing around would make much sense of it. Of course, each book is set in a different time period, with the first and last being closest (separated only by 30 years).

Lots to do today, so this might be my only post!


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