Thursday, April 21, 2005

A wee bit o' progress...
An early, early post this morning as I have to go to the dentist in a little bit (bleh).

So I did get SOME FDin30D work done yesterday - well, if you consider reproducing more of the forms work *g*. Which I do. Some of them I had to do in WordPerfect as WriteWayPro can't really handle tables. But that's ok. I'm used to working in WP with tables and the work was pretty easy. So now I have pretty much all the forms I need, so I can really knuckle under.

Am hoping to get to the research libraries next week. Will be my last chance till late June as my dh is starting a 6 week early morning news run on May 2nd. He'll be up every morning at 2:45 and finish just before noon, so I'll be in the office most of those 6 weeks. Not that I get up at 2:45 *g*. Nope, I let my sweetie wake me up reading the 7:30 news (always nice to wake up to his voice). This also means I'll have to be very disciplined - no hours of bloghopping each morning - will have to do a quick blast around, post myself, then do any company related work before getting down to my ms.

Though I signed up for Sylvia's Word Challenge, I failed miserably *sigh*. And I hate failing. No more!

Now, better get ready to drive downtown, find a parking spot and face the dentist *deep sigh*.


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Larissa said...

Ugh. I didn't even bother signing up for the challenge because I KNEW I'd fail. I suck at stuff like that!