Thursday, April 07, 2005

Reporting in....
Yesterday I spent a lot of time working on my Enotes column, hence my absence from this blog. Then I was out on the deck (yes, it was warm enough to sit out there!) working on my ms. On Tuesday evening I divided it into scenes - took me a couple of hours while we watched Jeopardy, the new Dr. Who (which was pretty good) and American Chopper (yep, we're addicted to the Teutuls and their motorcyle adventures). My dh asked it I was making a puzzle *g*, but once I explained what I was doing, he agreed it sounded helpful.

So I was going over the first chapter out on the deck yesterday and George decided the best place to plop himself to sleep was on the rest of my ms!!! Yep, he was stretched across the pile of paper, purring away. Hmmm. Good thing - I was reading what I could see from under a mound of brown and orange fur and noticed I'd printed out the wrong version of chapter two. Guess I'd have noticed anyway, but the part I could see was something I'd rewritten recently and it stuck out as definitely not right.

Then my dh got home, we picked up our car from the dealership where it was in for some work (long story), returned home and went for a long walk followed by dinner out at a nice little fish restaurant in the neighbourhood. I finally got back to the computer to print out the correct versions of chapters two and three and cut them up. So NOW I can proceed. Though for today, after writing up my Enotes column, I'll be concentrating on looking up more of those words from my ms.

Karen has updated the FDin30D FAQ and added three more bloggers to her list on the main FD site.

Here ends today's report :-)



Larissa said...

Yay for helpful kitties! *g*

Sounds like you're doing great on your latest WIP! I'm jealous...I really need to get started on something!

Sheri said...

I love American Choppter and Dog Bounty Hunter. They're like my favorites shows!