Saturday, April 30, 2005

A drive by posting...
Arrgghh - too much to do!

At library yesterday looking up words. Pretty much done - then found French etymological dictionary. Must return to use that.

Contest entry due tomorrow. Critiquer had a great suggestion, now synopsis end needs changing thanks to hubby's brainstorming on critiquer's suggestion. He came up with the perfect solution! Bless him.

Had to use up all pay-per-view credits at before they expire tonight - spent all morning on said site. Found new leads on family history, but must resist urge to follow immediately.

Now starting on synopsis.

Imagine chicken with head cut off running around. Imagine Teresa - you get the picture.

Complete update Monday morning.

Teresa (who didn't final in the Hearts Through History Contest, but got really good scores and feedback)


Larissa said...

Yikes! Hope you got everything done! *g*

Sheri said...

I'm with Larissa. I hope you get through everything. Things have been pretty busy on my end of things lately too.

Good Luck!