Saturday, June 18, 2005

Bowling is fun!!

Yeah, I know, this isn't the least writing related, but still. Bowling is fun. Our non-fiction bookclub met last night. We'd read Bowling Alone, by Robert D. Putnam, and decided to go bowling after meeting for pizza. It was Cosmic bowling - glow in the dark.

Now, I've only ever done five-pin, so it took me a while to get used to the bigger balls used in ten-pin. My hands are very small, so it wasn't easy. But once I came up with a method (two-handed), I got the hang of things and did pretty well :-)

As for writing, well, didn't accomplish much yesterday. Did some proofing for one of my cps and that was about it. Spent the rest of the time sorting through my papers (I'm still drowning in them), and ordered a couple of books from

Roy Porter's English Society in the 18th Century
The Illustrated Reverse Dictionary

We're going out again later today, so I'd best get up off my behind and do some more work on this paper mountain. Must have this office back in shape by Tuesday, when I need to get down to serious work on my ms.


Almost Finished Reading: Pandora's Breeches by Patricia Fara
Link of the Day: Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Texts pertaining to the Study of English in Eighteenth-Century Great Britain


Lynn said...

Sounds like a great time with your book club! I haven't bowled since I was twelve. I really hurt my hand that first time bowling, and haven't dared to try again. My daughter went cosmic bowling for her friend's birthday party and had a blast! My husband used to be a bowler, and he's been making noise about doing it as a family activity. I told him I'd be happy to watch and drink beer. *g*

Silma said...

Cosmic bowling? I've never heard of that before. *g*