Saturday, June 04, 2005

Thanks Rene!!!!!!
Wow - that was so easy once you pointed it out :-) I even figured out the wrap colour as well, so now my blog looks like I want it to.

Glad you like the retooling. The easiest way to try it yourself, is to save a copy of your template as it is, THEN play and use the Preview feature. If you don't like what you get, then just put the original back :-)

Thanks for the congrats! I'm really happy with myself. And looking forward to trying out the motorcycle for myself. It'll be smaller than the one I"ll be riding if a) I decide I like it and b) I can pass the test *g*, but small is probably good, as I've never done anything but ride pillion.

Off to enjoy the warmth and sunshine now.

Thanks again, Rene :-)



McVane said...

I really like the new look. It's much easier to read as well. Thanks. :)

Lynn said...

Your blog looks great, Tess!

I envy your motorcycle courage. I love bikes, but the only way I'll ride one is if I'm hanging on for dear life to the man who's driving it (preferably my husband). *g*