Sunday, June 26, 2005

Pictures on a Sunday morning

I took the photos below earlier this week. Hope to take some of the back garden later today or tomorrow morning. I LOVE this time of year. After all the time the garden spends under snow etc, it's wonderful to see it full of colour and foliage. Perennials have become my favourite plants , but I still put some annuals in as well.

Gardening is a great way to take time to think while you work. There's nothing like getting down on hands and knees and digging in the dirt. I get some good ideas while planting and weeding. It's a zen-like experience. Just like a book, a garden takes planning, plotting and care. The plants are like characters in their own way - each needs different care and some are more prominent in my garden than others - just like the people in my mss.

Lynn - glad you like the smilies I'm enjoying playing with them, now I've kinda figured out what I'm doing.

Don't think we'll have time to go out on the today as we've got lots of chores. Maybe next weekend

It's hot again, but not so hot that the isn't enjoying some time out in the shade.

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday!


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Melissa Marsh said...

Love your garden! I definitely do not have a green thumb - though I have the best of intentions. :-)

Tess Harrison said...

Such great pictures! I'm jealous of anyone who has a green thumb because I just look at plants and they die.