Thursday, June 09, 2005

Responding to comments from...
Lynn, Brenda and Teresa

Lynn - thanks for the support and the congrats! And we'll see how brave I REALLY am AFTER the weekend *g*.

Brenda - thanks for the congrats and understanding.

Teresa - sorry to hear you're sick. Summer colds are never any fun. Hope you're better soon. And can sleep. I've had sleep problems since I was a teenager, but last night I got mostly caught up. My body finally took over and made me sleep. Much to the cat's dismay *g*. He loves when I have insomnia - means early breakfast and extra time out on his leash.

Motorcycle course classroom session report
It was really kinda fun. We learned a lot, but it was pretty informal. A good mix of talk, interaction, videos and general chatter.

We start bright and early Saturday morning - 7:45 am. And, of course, it's going to be HOT. With a humidex of 40ºC (that's about 104ºF) and thunderstorms. Then again, you can't be assured of perfect conditions whenever you ride, so I guess learning under those conditions is a good thing. I'll just have to remember to take lots of water with me.


Still Reading: Pandora's Breeches by Patricia Fara

Link of the Day: Writers Free Reference


Melissa Marsh said...

Tess -
RE: your comment over at the Villa in Tuscany blog, I absolutely LOVE the French Revolution. I'm checking out to see if I can get Isolde Martyn's book without paying an arm and a leg! I read a couple of books set during this time period and they remain some of my absolute favorites.
Yes - the historical market needs to definitely EXPAND.

Lynn said...

I can't wait to see how the motorcycle thing turns out. You are going to post about your first solo, right?