Friday, June 10, 2005

Thoughts on a steamy Friday morning....
It's HOT. Ok, not stupid hot yet, but heading in that direction *g*. I'm used to it, having been born and bred in this area, but my poor dh, who grew up on the West Coast, hasn't quite adapted to the summer temps here. Despite his 20+ years in this area.

So, the cat is lounging on the lower deck. I'm doing laundry and bloghopping/webhopping and contemplating the day.

But first, Lynn asked if I'm going to post about my first solo ride. Yep, I sure will :-) Likely not till Monday morning, though as the weekend will be exhausting.

After that, though, my blogging will drop off precipitously unless it's directly related to FDin30D and my ms. As I mentioned earlier, my nose has to hit that old grindstone next week and I'm determined to stick to it. Which means no bloghopping for me :-( But I HAVE to stand firm on this. I got some great feedback from the contest in which I placed second and need to incorporate some of it along with tons of other stuff that needs to be done to whip this ms into shape.

But today I'm off for lunch with friends, then a bit of shopping. My last day of freedom before two days on a motorcycle, followed by 5 weeks chained to my desk editing my ms.

Time for more coffee.

See y'all on Monday :-)


Read Yesterday: Slightly Single, Wendy Markham

Links of the Day: Historical Research Methods, Evaluating Secondary Research Sources (found via a link on Historical Research Methods), Historical Maps


Silma said...

Good luck! =)

Lynn said...

Good luck with that grindstone, and I can't wait to hear about the solo!