Saturday, June 04, 2005

Saturday am drive-by posting...
A busy day ahead - visiting a friend's garage sale, planting, shopping *g*, etc.

One request - if anyone can tell me WHERE in the Blogger Template (I've altered the Scribe one) I can change the colour of the background for my blog, I'd appreciate it. I tried several spots, but nothing was right *sigh*. I'd prefer burgundy, rather than brown.

Ok - off to that garage sale! Definitely summer in the 'burbs *vbg*.

Happy Weekend!

Teresa :-)

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Rene said...

When you open your template settings, look for the first "paragraph" of code under "body." The last line should say background. There should be "#48351" then I'm guessing you've put the url for your image. Anyway, just replace that number with another html color number. Here is a chart of html colors. Hopefully you can find one you like.