Friday, June 24, 2005

A Friday evening post

I have some time, now Sean is tucked in bed for his early shift tomorrow morning, to blog a little more.

Am feeling really good about the progress I made this week. Been a while since I felt like I've accomplished something with this ms. Still, I had full understanding for what Larissa referred to earlier this week as Writer's Constipation. It's nice to be able to put a cool little name to my sometimes overwhelming inability to actually tackle the work that needs to be done. And know that others are going through it too. NOT that I'm happy others are suffering, but at least I know I'm not weird (ok, well not too weird *g*)

It was nice to stroll out for a leisurely dinner this evening without guilt. We sat outside - it's still pretty hot here, but we found a shady spot and the wind keeps it from getting stifling. Next week I'm going to meet my critique partners and practise my pitch on them!

Speaking of Reno, I FINALLY found a dress for the RITA gala!!! We dropped by my fave consignment store yesterday. It's funny, I've been there at least three times in the last couple of months and only found one dress to try on, but yesterday I found three. Sean patiently waited and agreed with me that one was a no-go, then helped me decide between the other two. Went with an ankle length white spaghetii strap number - now I just need the foundation garment to go under it! And a colourful scarf to help set it off and double as protection for the white material during the gala dinner *g*.

Well, I'd best be off and check to see how George is doing out on the deck. He was up on the little table out there munching away on his bowl of crunchies (yes, I indulge him horribly), but he may want to come in by now.

Happy Weekend!


Almost Done Reading: The You I Never Knew by Susan Wiggs
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