Friday, June 17, 2005

Report on a rainy Friday morning

So yesterday at noon, Sean arrived home with a large filing cabinet for my office. Granted, I need it, but now I'm surrounded by paper!! I have to get this stuff organized. Am devoting one drawer for my current ms, but have to sort the pile of paper that needs filing into ms stuff, research stuff, industry stuff, craft of writing stuff, miscellaneous stuff... Well, you get the picture *g*.

At least it's a good day for it. The rain is drizzling down now, it had been pouring earlier. And I've already sorted a fair amount of stuff.

So what did I do on my ms yesterday? Edited another couple of scenes. At this point I have to stop and look up stuff on the net - little research things. Like, did they have garden furniture in late eighteenth century England? It looks like they probably at least had benches. I'll have to find a couple of books/sites on eighteenth century painting and have a look there.

We have a busy weekend coming up, so don't be surprised if I'm vewwy, vewwy quiet here. I'm also judging the Golden Gateway contest and want to do at least one entry tomorrow.

So that's my life for right now :-)


Almost finished reading: Pandora's Breeches by Patricia Fara
Link of the Day: History at Humbul Humanities Web


Lynn said...

Lucky woman. I wish I had a file cabinet just for my writing stuff. Maybe I'd actually be able to find stuff then. *g*

Tess Harrison said...

This is funny because my husband came home with three filing cabinets last night. Maybe I should claim one of them for my writing stuff.