Saturday, June 25, 2005

Digital History

Melissa talked about Digital History on her blog the other day, so I went looking for more info.

Interestingly enough, though I found some cool sites:

Digital History: A Guide to Gathering, Preserving, and Presenting the Past on the Web

Digital History

Virginia Center for Digital History

Digital History Enquiry Project

I couldn't find anything about actual courses in DH. Am curious if there are any - especially via distance ed. I already have an MA in History, but would like to maybe put those skills to use alongside my internet ones. Seems like a perfect fit. Or maybe there are no "courses"?


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Melissa Marsh said...

I would think there are some courses in this. I emailed a professor at my university and asked him if he would be offering any courses in this. I'll let you know when I hear from him - since it's summer, he's probably on vacation.