Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I reached my goal!!!!!

Yay! I'm so happy to have managed this.

Now, I have to set MORE goals *g*.

Tomorrow, I'll figure out exactly what else needs to be done and draw up a timetable. Right now I know I need to write a few more scenes, edit/rewrite some others and generally go through and add more depth/description.

Only 3 full weeks left now before Reno - Yikes! I'll just have to work really hard and get as much done as I can. Will have to talk Sean into taking the laptop with us, so I can work while we're in BC after Reno.

We're off to the gym soon - let's hope the A/C is working today. Last week when we were in, the A/C in half the gym wasn't working - the half with the eliptical trainers/treadmills/bikes etc. I was lucky enough to get the treadmill and bike with a built-in fan, but even so, it was pretty hot. But I'm definitely in need of the workout :-) Especially as the dress I bought for the RITA gala won't really allow me to gain much weight!!


Currently coming from my speakers: You Will Always Have My Love - Rawlins Cross - Make It on Time


Melissa Marsh said...

Yay for reaching your goal - way to go!!!!

Lynn said...

WOO HOO on making that goal!

Kelly said...

Yay on reaching your goal. I feel you on the workouts - my dress is the same way. What was I thinking by the clingy black number??!!

Alex Bordessa said...

Congrats on reaching your goal!

Sheri said...

Congrats on reaching your goal. That's fantastic!