Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Canmore last night...

Yep - he got past Calgary and stopped in beautiful Canmore instead, putting him that much closer to BC. Hopefully today his drive through Rogers Pass will go well and he'll be up on the Coast by nightfall. Of course, much depends on the drive and what time he hits Vancouver rush hour. That's never fun, though at least he won't have to cross the Lion's Gate (not that the Iron Workers Memorial bridge is much better, mind). We're still hoping he'll make that last ferry and be welcomed by his parents and Tiva the dog :-)

Back here, I had a good day. Went to lunch with a friend, came home and talked to Sean when he checked in, then trundled off for a brief walk to get some groceries. Once home, I tackled my filing cabinet and emptied three of the four drawers!! Read some after dinner, then watched my tape of Grey's Anatomy while putting away laundry. Chloe decided Sean's t-shirts didn't really need folding - they made a better bed. She curled up on them at about 10:30 last night and didn't move from them till about 6:30 this morning!

It's snowing here this morning *groan*. Nothing major, but still. And people ask me why I'm moving to the BC coast (see the current weather there in my sidebar).

Off for coffee with another friend soon, so had best eat some brekkie :-)


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He's now on the Coquihalla (the super highway from Merritt in the interior to Hope in the Fraser Valley), so should get to Vancouver in about three hours or so! Hopes to make the 7:30 ferry up to the Coast :-) The weather there has been good (knock on wood).

Back to packing boxes.

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